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"I spent 32 days racing JUBILAEUM, a Valiant 50, from Antigua to Bermuda, to the Azores, to Plymouth. We were a cruising boat with two couples, a dodger, bimini, padded seats, and generator - all the comforts. The last thing we expected was to be competitive. We finished first across the line on three legs ('99 TransArc). We were in competition with 23 boats, the fastest of which, a Baltic 48 with a hired crew of six professional Italian sailors, coffee grinder winches and no crew comforts. They finished one hour and thirty-two minutes behind us (on the first leg)."

"The Valiant 50 is truly a dream to sail. Easily handled by a cruising couple, the boat makes crossing oceans seem like a common occurrence. We logged over 5,000 miles and never had a moments hesitation about the boat. I never once questioned that the boat was the "Queen of the fleet" or that it would bring us safely and comfortably home."

Wayne Mills on Valiant 50 #103 JUBILAEUM Owner Valiant 42 #101 AUGUST CROW

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"Valiant best fit our requirements, offering high resale value, low maintenance exterior and interior, sailing performance in light and heavy air, the ability to customize the interior to our requirements, and strong. Our decision was corroborated after making a 350 mile passage aboard the Valiant 50 ENGELENBAK. Once offshore, we found strong winds (remnants of Hurricane Hugo). Flying a deep-reefed main and staysail, we maintained 9-10 knots boat speed, occasionally more. ENGELENBAK was on her maiden voyage, having been newly commissioned and shown in a boat show for less than a week just prior to our trip. All systems worked, there were no leaks and she sailed wonderfully."

"I've had my Valiant for a year now, and could not be happier with my decision and the factory support."

Greg Shea Valiant 50 #105 - ERINBRIE

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"Seven years, over 45,000 miles, 61 countries,  480 ports and anchorages, and a great circumnavigation.  What's more to say?"

Steve Salmon & Tine Oltan Valiant 40 #298 - ANOTHER HORIZON

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"Rich Worstell and the folks at the factory were so accommodating and flexible that we feel like we received a totally custom built boat. They even lowered the cabin sole to provide more headroom for our tall family."

"We felt like proud parents whenever knowledgeable long-time boat owners and sailors come on board and marvel at the quality and craftsmanship."

"We chose Valiant because we cannot stand the flashy design and poor quality of so many other boat builders in today's market. We knew that Rich Worstell and Valiant would deliver a rock-solid workhorse. We were happy to discover that our workhorse is also nimble and fun to sail."

Stewart & Farrell Saunders Valiant 50 #106 - AMAZING GRACE

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"I recall a conversation with my partner Dave, when we were planning our two year circumnavigation. We had certain criteria that the boat we would take must meet. It had to have a successful circumnavigation track record. It had to be built in the United States so that if any thing went wrong, we could reach someone at the factory to help us. Our Valiant met all our goals, and as an added bonus, we sold our boat for more than we paid for it, and become good friends with the Valiant Factory."

Circumnavigator Tom Rodenhouse
Valiant 40 #273 - MORNING WINDS

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"In the past 20 years before purchasing JAMES GANG, I owned 9 boats. Among them were a Nautor Swan 371, two Hinkleys, a Souwester 42 and Souwester 50."

"When I took delivery of my Valiant, I already knew that it was built more solidly than any boat I had ever owned. What came as a wonderful surprise was the exquisite sailing qualities of the boat. In light air and in heavy air the boat is a dream. Valiant did such a wonderful job of building her that not a single system has suffered any breakdowns."

"I believe with all my heart that no boat at any price is built as well as my Valiant."

James Hiller Valiant 50 #102 - JAMES GANG

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"We've owned our Valiant 42 for 2 years. We want to tell you about the problems we've had - absolutely none! She sneers at the San Francisco Bay winds! When we've sailed out the Golden Gate and passed the over-canvassed racing fleet banging their way through the current chop with bodies hanging all along the rails, we toast them with our hot coffee as we sail by flat. They keep looking at our exhaust as we sail by. They never find it."

Bruce Bonger & Karen Friday Valiant 42 #139 - AVENAND